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Pease Air Force Base and The 509th's UFO Investigative Officer Revealed


In the wake of the Incident of Exeter UFO sighting, there were many questions and very few answers. The obvious mystery was what exactly did the six witnesses, including two Police Officers, see in Kensington, New Hampshire on September 3, 1965?

Another unanswered question was who was investigating UFO sightings, for the Air Force and Project Blue Book, that were being reported in New Hampshire? And did Pease Air Force Base have a designated UFO Investigative Officer to investigate UFO reports in proximity to Pease and in New Hampshire?

Initially, Major David Griffin and Pease AFB Director of Information, Lt. Alan Brandt were appointed to look into the Exeter case, but a number of Air Force officials, and even Navy officials in the days following the sighting, came to Exeter to investigate the case. Police Officers Bertrand and Hunt were asked by officials to keep their sighting quiet, but the story had already broke.

In Jeff and Jess Finn’s 2011 documentary on the Exeter UFO sighting, Strange Septembers, Jeff interviews Lt. Brandt about the Exeter case, and UFO sightings around Pease AFB. Jeff asks Lt. Brandt to confirm if Pease had a designated UFO Officer at the time. Brandt denies knowledge of the base having a specific UFO Officer in 1965.

Despite researchers’ suspicions and inquiries over the last 50 years, no one from Pease AFB ever has officially admitted that Pease had a dedicated UFO Investigative Officer. The existence and identity of a UFO Officer at Pease has remained a mystery, until now.

While doing research in the Air Force’s Project Blue Book UFO files, I found unequivocal proof that in 1967 Pease AFB did have a UFO Investigative Officer, and was able to determine his identity. 

As I was looking through the Blue Book documents, I came across two correspondences [Doc#1], [Doc#2] between Pease AFB and Project Blue Book that at first appeared to be a set of benign communications about a UFO sighting in Hanover, NH on December 15, 1967. But when I looked at the signature on the document, I realized that I had found something that UFO researchers have been in search of for 50 years: proof, and the identity, of a UFO Investigative Officer at Pease Air Force Base.

Pease’s UFO Investigative Officer was  Colonel Frank Juns, Jr. Colonel Juns was a pilot and Major stationed at Pease AFB in 1967 with the 509th Bombardment Wing, the main component of the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command (SAC). Col. Juns was born on May 23, 1922, and died on January 16, 1986. A Missouri native, Juns was a pilot with the 360thBombardment Squadron, the 509th Bombardment Wing, and was a Veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

The 509th Bombardment Wing is one of the Air Force’s most elite bombardment wings, tasked with dropping nuclear ordinance under the order of the President. The 509th were highly trained pilots, the best of the best. It was the 509th that dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago in 1945, bringing an end to World War II.

The revelation that a Major from the 509th Bombardment Wing was given the responsibility to investigate UFO sightings for Pease AFB in New Hampshire is significant, and speaks to how serious the Air Force and the Pentagon were taking UFO sightings at the time, despite the Pentagon’s dismissive tone in the press and to the public.     

Now that a UFO Investigative Officer from Pease Air Force Base has been identified, we have further confirmation that high ranking Air Force Officers at Pease AFB were taking a serious look at the UFO situation in New Hampshire.

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